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  • Super Engineered Solid Wood Floors from Suntups

    Super Engineered Wood Plank



    Suntups Wooden Flooring after being in the full solid wooden flooring for 21 years has now introduced and will only sell SUPER -ENGINEERED™ solid wooden flooring.

  • Belgotex Launch BerberPoint Eco

     Belgotex Berber Point Eco


    New BerberPoint Eco from Nexus, the commercial division of Belgotex Floorcoverings, is the green alternative for architects’ first choice in carpeting.

  • SAWLFA Laminate and Solid Wood Flooring

    SAWLFA South African Wood and Laminate Flooring Association


    The flooring market is full of terminology and manages to confuse even the most informed people in the trade, SAWLFA thought it would be valuable to you to try and make the process of buying flooring simpler.

    Full details of all SAWLFA members are provided on the web site www.sawlfa.co.za. Or by contacting Sandra, the full time secretariat of the Association on telephone 011-4552822 or sawlfa@mwebbiz.co.za

    Installing wood or laminate flooring in your home can be a risky business if you choose the wrong supplier or quality. Not all floors are created equal and as these types of flooring has become extremely popular as an alternative to carpets or ceramic tiles, it has become necessary to identify, test and classify floors especially on their resistance to wear and to relate this to recommended usage.

  • Laminate Flooring

    Laminate Flooring, Pros and Cons

    Laminate Flooring has grown much in popularity over the last decade in South Africa and has in many ways nearly flooded the flooring market with a wide range of choices taking into account that there are over a 100 different brand names available in South Africa.

    Although most of these floors are good quality and will give you great performance there are unfortunately also some that are below industry standards, generally you get what you pay for so if it’s cheap then make sure to do your homework on the Brand and it is always a good idea to ask for references where the same floor were installed a few years earlier.

  • Belgotex Green Underlay


    Belgotex Green UnderlayBlue, Orange and 100% recycled underlay, Green from Belgotex Floorcoverings have passed the stringent tests for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions with flying colours.

    All three underlays met the strict requirements of the Green Building Council of SA (GBCSA) and Australia (GBCA) for Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ13) in terms of the VOC emissions, which is a direct requirement for carpeting and underlay.

  • Turf Out old ideas

    Dura TurfTurf out old ideas of high maintenance lawn, extend your living space and create an everlasting “green room” in your garden with new DuraTurf artificial lawn from Belgotex Floorcoverings.

    “Modern open plan design and our climate encourage outdoor living with patios forming extra living space,” says Frank Moffatt, marketing director of Belgotex Floorcoverings.

    New DuraTurf combines convenience with style, giving homeowners a low maintenance, comfortable flooring that can be used indoors or outside.

  • Belgotex Floorcoverings

    Belgotex CarpetsFUSS-FREE FLOORING

    The new generation of stain-proof carpets from Belgotex Carpets - SDX - answer the quest for fashionable, fuss-free floors.

    Carpets are back in fashion in a big way – not only for their trendy textures and nostalgic Olde World charm, but also for their eco-friendly energy efficiency and easy-care yarns.

    Belgotex Carpets’ latest hi-tech yarn, SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon for X-treme Conditions), produces carpets that are colourfast, UV-resistant and completely stainproof, giving you floors that not only look beautiful, but are easy to care for too!

    These SDX ranges – Royal Twist, Westminster and Opulence¬ - are perfect for homes with wide expanses of windows and glass that let the natural light in and reduce the need for artificial light. The natural insulation properties of carpets overcome problems of loss of interior warmth, while improving indoor air quality by absorbing airborne dust and allergens, as well as emitting lower levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) commonly caused by pesticides and glue.

    Maximum luxury, Minimum fuss
    Colourfast, stain- and UV-resistant to the fading effects of sunlight, carpets made from SDX allow you to enjoy the natural light and warmth of the sun without concerns of your carpets fading. You can also confidently

  • Compare Laminate Floors, Quality and Price

    LaminatesWondering why one laminate floor cost R100m2 while the next floor cost double the price or more, if it is a drastic price difference for the same type of floor board then the chances are good it is because of a quality difference between the products. Below are a few factors that influence the price you pay for your laminate floor and should help you making a more informed decision.

    Quality or Grade of Laminate Floors

    It is important to compare apples with apples here and there are different grading systems for laminate floors, from AC1 to AC5 or Grade 21 to 33 with the higher number being better quality, this will influence the price you pay, so you will pay nearly double for a AC5 than for a AC3. Below are a few factors that can influence the price of laminate flooring.

    • Protective Layer: This is what gives laminate floors its surface strength and mostly determine the AC or Grade rating of the laminate planks, see here for more details
  • Flooring Articles Floors

    Flooring ArticlesHere you can navigate through different flooring types and floor products, do research on floors, their history and other articles about new developments in certain flooring types and products.

    View the Menu on the left with its different categories and articles specific to that flooring type under each category.
    This page was started during December 2009 and our aim is to build up an informative collection of articles for both the retailer and consumer.

    Have flooring related articles to contribute? Then contact us or send the article by email to us on the contact page and we will get back to you.

  • Laminated Flooring

    Laminate FlooringLaminated Flooring was first manufactured in 1977 by a company in Sweden under the name Pergo. They only started marketing their newly invented Laminate Floors during the early 1980's in Europe and then the rest of the Flooring manufacturers and especially wood board manufacturers quickly caught up with this new and very promising type of flooring.

    At first laminated flooring planks was manufactured with a tongue and groove fitting system which required the floor boards to be glued together and then strapped for a period of time to ensure neat joints on the floor. This type of flooring installation was time consuming and thus more costly.

    Laminate Floors were first introduced into South Africa in the mid 1990’s from Europe with an above average cost compared to other types of flooring, like carpets, vinyl flooring and ceramic floor tiles which were the most popular and cost effective flooring types at the time. Due to the price of laminate floors at this time which was more in the region of some solid wood floors it was a slow mover and sales were below average with only a handful of flooring contractors and retailers specialising in laminate floors.

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