Engineered Wooden Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is more widely available these days due to its stability, especially in the wider boards and the technology has now proven itself. Engineered has added benefits due to the specific construction of the plank, this has made these floor more widely and available and affordable. Engineered floors are available in most solid wood colours which are usually pre-finished in the factory and once installed it looks exactly the same as a solid wood floor.

Engineered Flooring
Engineered wood floors consist of a top layer of solid wood which is usually 3 to 5mm in thickness, beneath this there is multiple layers of plywood or a 3 layer constrution where the center of the plank is made up of one layer of hardwood. The plywood layers are glued to each other with their grain in opposite directions and thus cross grained. This gives more stability to the plank and therefore the floor can be fitted as a floating floor available in tongue and groove or click lock system. The top layer of solid wood gets glued to the plywood layers.

Today's technology allows manufacturers to produce a wider variety of engineered floors with greater quality of finishes including multiple layers of tough urethane, UV cured finishes and aluminium oxide finishes making this product more durable and longer lasting. Engineered floors can also be sanded 2 to 3 times although depending on the thickness of the top layer, one should take care not to take to much of the top layer off due to the limited thickness of the solid wood layer. A better method to make your floor look like new and make it last longer is to lightly abrade the floor with a polisher and then sealing it again.

Take care not to confuse a Engineered Wooden Floor with a Laminate floor or also sometimes called a Wood Laminate as this is the imitation of wood, where the Engineered floor has a top layer of real solid wood.

Engineered FlooringEngineered Flooring