Rubber Choices

  • Natural Rubber: The milky white liquid from the rubber tree is used to make natural rubber floors, this is a sustainable resource and therefore qualifies as green flooring.
  • Synthetic Rubber: Due to a shortage in the demand of natural rubber floors a synthetic rubber was manufactured, this floor does not qualify as a green floor but is more durable and resistant than natural rubber flooring.
  • Recycled Rubber: Recycled rubber floors are available in full floor coverings and also as loose carpets for entrances and qualify as a green product.

Tiles or Sheets

  • Tiles: Rubber tiles usually comes in square sizes from 300-500mm, it is a bit easier to install and can easily be mixed to create patterns. A tile can be replaced if needed.
  • Sheets: Rubber sheets are better protected against moisture and water damage due to less seams than tiles.

Rubber TilesRubbersheets


Installation System or Method

  • Glued: The rubber tile or sheet gets glued to the sub-floor.
  • Interlock: The rubber tiles are manufactured with a locking system, installation is faster and the tile can be picked up again and reinstalled in another area if needed.

Interlocking Rubber Tiles


Pattern Options

  • Plain: Available in both tiles or sheets this floor has a smooth surface
  • Studded: Available in both tiles or sheets this floor has flat round studs and provides better grip, ideal for commercial applications like garage showrooms and areas where the floor might slope
  • Diamond: Available in both tiles or sheets this floor has a diamond patter and provide the best grip, ideal for industrial areas where spills are expected and areas where the floor slopes to provide maximum grip.

Plain Rubber TilesStudded Rubber TilesDiamond Pattern Rubber Tiles


Colour Options

  • Solid: Plain coloured floor available in a wide range of colours, mostly used in residential areas like kids play rooms or bathrooms.
  • Speckeld: Speckled pattern inside the tile or sheet floor.
  • Pattern: This is an imitation of other natural kinds of flooring, usually of marble.

Solid Colour Rubber FlooringSpeckeld Rubber Flooring


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