Solid Wood Quality and Floor Care

Quality Points

  • Structure: Inspect the structure of the plank for cracks or holes as this can indicate a poor structure, ask what is the guarantee on the structure.
  • Surface Finish: Ask your retailer about the surface finish, if it is UV protected or resistant and how many coats where applied and what the guarantee is on the finish. Here a aluminium oxide coating is superior.
  • Wear Layer: The thickness of the wear layer is from the surface of the plank down to the tongue and groove, this thickness will determine how many times the floor can be sanded.


Things to keep in mind about Solid Wood Flooring

Nothing can compare to the beauty and luxury of Natural Wood but there is a few points to be aware of and to take into consideration.

  • Wood as a natural product is more receptive to wear and tear and scratches than the synthetic types such as laminated flooring. So take care not to allow high heel shoes and sharp edged objects on a wooden floor. Wood species differ in hardness, on the next page is a comparison called the Janka hardness rating.
  • As a natural product it will slightly change colour over the years but this can be compared to a good red wine which just gets better with time.
  • The advantage of Solid wood flooring is that it can be sanded and re-varnished should it get damaged, but take into consideration that this can be done a limited number of times depending on the top surface, that is the section from the tongue and groove to the top of the plank.
  • Sanding and Varnishing: If you are planning on sanding and varnishing your floor then we would strongly recommend getting a professional with a proven track record as this is a crucial exercise to the long lasting quality of your floor.


Solid Wood Floor Care

  • Prevention: Prevent your new floor from damage by using felt pads under furniture and using entrance mats at outside doors. Prevent extended periods of direct sunlight on your floor as this might cause it to fade in that area
  • Spills and Water: Make sure spills get cleaned up immediately and do not use excessive water on your floor.
  • Daily Care: Solid wood floors are easy to maintain, daily sweeping with a soft broom or the use of a vacuum will extend the live span of your floor
  • Mopping: Traditional Mopping is not recommended, rather use a slightly damp micro fibre mop or cloth for damp cleaning.
  • Pets: Depending on the surface finish and hardness rating of the wood floor you install it is a good idea not to allowed the bigger dog species on your floor as their nails can damage or scratch the floor surface, keep animals nails short to avoid scratching.
  • It is important to ask your retailer about cleaning and maintenance instructions on your new floor as different finishes and types of wood might require special handling, also your guarantee will depend on the cleaning materials used on your floor.

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